What on earth is going on?  Have I strayed onto some weird travel website for tourists to Scotland?  No, it’s fine you are still with Granite vapes but there is a wee bit of Scotland with us today as we have something special to add our ever-growing range of exclusive vapes. At first, we thought we had every flavour under the sun with our now famous Moo Cow and Donuts range for example. But then someone pointed out that Scotland doesn’t feature much in our range. This made us think and it was true, Scotland known best  for its wonderful weather (if you like rain and clouds that is), whisky, bagpipes and mountains barely featured, ok it didn’t feature at all, in our wide range of vapes. So, to keep people happy, we changed things and now we have our Highland Range that we feel sure will satisfy our Scottish Customers and those who just want something different to other eLiquids on the market. 


Introducing the Highland Range, exclusive to Granite Vapes. A wonderful selection of Vapes that Evoque the rich, sweet and wonderful region of the Scottish Highlands. 


Highland Toffee

Growing up many of us recall those wonderful slabs of highland toffee that pulled your teeth out with every chew. We didn’t care how much it hurt our teeth to rip off chunks of this delicious treacle toffee as the taste was so amazing, so we chewed and chewed and visited the dentist often. Well, there is no need to break your teeth anymore and the incredible taste of Highland Toffee has been recreated in a rich vanilla toffee vape. We added just a little extra sugar to the mix, extra sugar was always good as a kid (or so we were told) and this simply makes this vape the most divine vape you will ever taste. To us, this is all part of what the Scottish Highlands is all about!

Highland Custard

Just as we were as kids, never getting enough of the amazing taste of Highland Toffee so our Highland Toffee vape is today. But this is today, and we do things differently so we decided to up the flavour of Highland Toffee and make even yummier. Yes, Highland Custard is the richest, creamiest and most sweet-tooth-soothing vape you will come across. This vape is a totally mind-blowing blending three types of custard, because one is never enough and three is always better than two, to create the ultimate vape for anyone who has a sweet tooth and wants a super smooth, super soothing, soft, tasty vape.

Highland Reserve

The Scottish Highlands and a damn fine Scotch are what most people think of Scotland. Some while back we had a wonderful vape called Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve, an almondy like bourbon vape that came close to a good Scottish Whisky. We were challenged to recreate it and we said “yes”. As regulars will know, we love a challenge and the Five Pawns challenge was the toughest yet, but, of course, we nailed it. We got creative and decided to vastly improve of the once revered Five Pawns, we played with the levels of coconut and almond and added a few secret ingredients and came out with pure magic. Highland Reserve is a wonderfully sophisticated and rich vape capturing the rich bourbon flavours that the Scotch that Scotland and the Highlands are renowned for delivering a smooth and elegant vape like no other on earth. We reckon this is our best yet, even better than our spin on Krakens Squid Ink.

We are absolute eLiquid enthusiasts and we love nothing more than making eLiquid flavours that excite our customers. We know what our customers love, and we know some of the classic flavours are no longer available so we do our best to recreate them and even improve on them. Cost is always a factor and while we go overboard in our experiments, concoctions and creations we also make sure you can afford what we produce to ensure you maximise your enjoyment of your favourite vape. Ensure you don’t miss out on our epic bulk deals.

Marina Vape: an overview of cool

If you were told “we sell Bangers, Milkshakes, Marshmallows and Donuts” you would perhaps automatically scratch your head and think “what kind of weird food shop have I strayed into?”. Don’t worry you are quite safe, and you are still on the granite vapes website. The fact of the matter is that at granite vapes we do sell Bangers, Milkshakes, Marshmallows and Donuts and they are all brands from Marina Vape, one of the coolest vape companies in the world.

Who is Marina Vape?

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Marina Vape Manufacturing, LLC was founded in 2013 and in a few short years has grown to a staff of 40. The company owns, manufactures and distributes over 20 premium e-liquid products and has some of the most amazing flavours on the market. Designed to look cool with some really amazing social media advertising to support the coolness, Marina Vape is quintessentially a cool vape brand and one that is going places in the vape world.

The cool brands of Marina Vape

Marina Vape think out of the box and the brands they offer are evidence. There are no such boring flavours as Mint or Lemon, no, with Marina Vape they add some fun. Even the brand names of the products are very different and that is where we find the Bangers, Milkshakes, Marshmallows and Donuts and it is worth a closer look.


The Marina Vape Bangers range has unusual packaging, it is perhaps the first thing you will notice. The packaging looks like it has come from a milk production factory with its picture of a cow on the front, we can assure you it is vape juice and no animals were harmed in making it. But vape juice it is and once you understand the flavours within the range to connection to the cow may become clear.

The Bangers range of e-liquid from Marina Vape has some awesome flavours that include:

* American Dream Cream

* Fish Eye

* Half Vaped Strawberry Chunks

* Mint cookies

To find out the details of each flavour and what they really are, you will love fish eye, visit our online store

Milkshake Man

The Milkshake Man range from Marina Vape is an equally cool e-liquid and again the funky fun packaging with the happy milkshake glass says it all. Cool packaging is often a way to hide a not so great product but with Marina Vape the reverse is true. Great packaging is the secret to an awesome vape juice that tastes just like the very best milkshake you have ever had. In fact, you could easily be fooled into thinking you were drinking a milkshake not vaping.

Just like the Bangers range, Milkshake Man has some cool flavours:

* Banana Milkshake Man

* Strawberry Milkshake Man

* Blueberry Milkshake Man

Again, to get to the bottom of each of these amazing flavours pay a visit to our online store and the secret to a great vape taste will be told to you.


Who doesn’t like a donut? The soft, sweet sugary deep-fried cake is one of the most delicious, and fattening, foods available and for some reason they always taste like more. Marina Vape has turned all your favourite donuts into vape juice and now you can enjoy a delicious donut without worrying about your waistline. The packaging is clever and gives the impression that you are holding liquidised donuts – and just for fun you can tell people that!

Again, Marina Vape has gone wild with the flavours and escaped the ordinary, you know, why should vape flavours be boring? The five flavours in the Donut Vape Juice range are:

* Choco Donuts

* Strawberry Donuts

* Blueberry Donuts

* Kronuts – by far the coolest!

* PBLS Donuts

But there is not enough space to tell you all about each one in this article so if you want donuts visit our online store, find out more and order.

Marshmallow Man

And finally, yes, the best is saved for last. Marina Vape have really cool Vape Juice brand called Marshmallow man. Somehow the boffins at Marina Vape have created perhaps the most outrageous vape juices with flavours that boggle the mind. Sweet and tasty yet irritatingly close to a taste that is on the tip of your tongue, yet you cannot quite put your finger on it. Three flavours and each an improvement on the other, each delicious but each will drive you mad trying to guess the taste. This is easily the coolest vape juice you will come across.

Of course, the packaging is super cool too and the Sweet, Fluffy, Creamy wording will have all your mates asking what you have in your hand. You know what you have is a vape juice but when they ask you “what does it taste like?” you won’t have a clue how to tell them!

There are 3 flavours in the Marshmallow Man range, and each has a very nondescript name:

* Marshmallow Man

* Marshmallow Man 2

* Marshmallow Man 3

Yes, Marina Vape pushed the boat out on naming these (not!) but that is all part of being who they are. Yes, and you guessed it, to find out more about these to need to visit our online store – https://www.granitevapes.co.uk/

So, that is the summary of the coolest Vape Brand you can come across. At Granite Vapes we love Marina Vape and there are, we know, more cool brands and flavours coming from them. So, keep in touch with us and we will keep you informed.