Here at Granite Vapes we have been keeping customers fulfilled since 2016. Our brand can be located in stores throughout Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. We recently changed our Judge Vape brand to Granite Vapes. Moving from our industrial facility set up in Inverurie we can now be located at 47 Regent Quay just off the Aberdeen high street, our new premises gives us direct access to our customers whilst providing clean room facilities.


We at Granite Vapes have always aligned ourselves with our loyal customers, we strive to deliver high quality flavours and products at affordable prices. We are continuously improving the way we engage with our customers and how we offer our products. Our new retail location, improvements to our clean room facilities and new partners are an example of how we aim to supply high quality premium e-liquid.




Our customers can always rely on us to deliver on time.


We offer competitive prices on premium brands, our in house brands in particular will save our customers money.